Leather Bracelets
Gift Certificates

"Sea Glass"
Agate w Fuchsia Agate & Sterling Silver
Agate w Rhyolite
All My Favorite Colors!
Amethyst Threader Earrings
Apple Jasper
Aurora Borealis
Black Lava
Black Leather with Crystal
Black Obsidian
Black with Figure Eight
Blue Crazy Lace Agate
Blue Crazy Lace Agate-Matte #1
Blue Crazy Lace Agate-Matte #2
Citrine Heart Earrings
Citrine on Sterling Silver Chain
Citrine with Multi-Color Seed Pearls - Gold Filled Clasp
Cobalt, Orange, or Red, with Flower
Coin Pearls
Coin Pearls - Ruby, Pewter, Cocoa
Copper Enamel Leaves
Copper Leaf Necklace & Rhyolite Earrings
Coral with Black Spinal
Cream Freshwater Pearls with Sterling Silver Chain
Cuff Clasp - New Colors!
Czech Glass Harlequin
Dark Brown with Brass Double Swirl
Dragonfly & Lemon Coin Pearls
Dumortierite & Pyrite Necklace
Dumortierite - Facet Cut
Dumortierite Round
Dumortierite Square
Facet Cut Crystal
Facet Cut Dumortierite on Chain
Facet Cut Dumortierite on Sterling Silver Chain
Facet Cut Garnet Pearls
Facet Cut Moonstone
Facet Cut Rhyolite
Facet Cut Turquoise
Facet Cut Turquoise
Fluorite-Facet Cut
Fluorite-Facet Cut on Sterling Silver Chain
Freshwater Coin Pearls
Freshwater Coin Pearls in Blush with Rose Gold Accents
Freshwater Pearl and Rose Gold Earring
Freshwater Pearl on Sterling Silver Chain
Fuchsia Crazy Lace Agate
Fuchsia Crazy Lace Agate
Fuchsia Crazy Lace Agate w Ruby
Fuchsia Crazy Lace Agate-Matte
Fuchsia Crazy Lace Agate/Matte w Crystals
Fuchsia Crazy Lace Agate/Matte with Amethyst
Garnet Freshwater Pearls - Facet Cut
Gift Certificate - 10.00
Gift Certificate - 100.00
Gift Certificate - 50.00
Gift Certificate - 60.00
Gift Certificate - 75.00
Gift Certificate 25.00
Gift Certificates
Grass Agate
Grass Agate - Facet Cut Coins
Green Czech Glass
Green Iridescent Facet Cut on Sterling Silver Chain
Green Pave'
Green w Celtic Knot
Handmade Glass - Orange Confetti
Handmade Glass Shell
Handmade Lampwork Glass - "Lido Beach"
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Blue Rectangle
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Blue Sparkle
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Brown & Cream Mosaic
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Calla Lilies
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Calla Lily
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Dragonfly - Green Wings
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Dragonfly - Green Wings
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Dragonfly - Red Wings
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Dragonfly - Red Wings
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Fuchsia
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Green & Gold!!
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Green w Black Swirl
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Green Wave
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Green Wave
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Lady Bug Garden
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Multi Color
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Multi Color Black Swirl
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Multi Color Rectangles
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Orange Flower
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Orange Rectangle
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Pink Sparkle
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Poppy
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Poppy
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Red Dragonfly
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Red Sparkle
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Sea Turtle
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Spring Green Rectangle
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Stargazer Lilies
Handmade Lampwork Glass - Sunflowers
Handmade Lampwork Glass -Dragonfly w Blue Wings
Handmade Lampwork Glass -Sea Turtle
Handmade Lampwork Glass Poppy/rectangle
Handmade Lampwork Glass w/Black Swirl - Blue/Purple
Lampwork Glass Multi-Color Squares
Lapis - Tapered Ovals
Lava w Titanium Finish
Lavender Czech Glass
Leather Bracelets
Lemon Coin Pearl w Crystal
Lemon Coin Pearl w Peridot & Crystal
Lemon Quartz Cubes
Lime Czech Glass
Lime Lava w Chain
Mandarin Garnet, Citrine & Peridot - Gold Filled Clasp
Matte Tiger Iron
Matte Tiger Iron & Garnets
MEN'S - Large Infinity
MEN'S - Navy or Dark Brown w/Woven Square
MEN'S - Small Infinity
Metallic Amethyst with Flower
Metallic Amethyst with Woven Square
Metallic Fuschia w Pewter Heart
Metallic Pewter with Copper Enamel Slider
Metallic Pistachio with Dragonfly
Metallic Silver with Star
Metallic Winter White w Flower
Metallic Winter White w Heart
Moonstone - Facet-cut Square
Mother of Pearl
Mother of Pearl
Mother of Pearl Mosaic
Mother of Pearl Mosaic-2
Multicolor Pearls 1
Multicolor Pearls 2
Multicolor Pearls 3
Navy and Brown with Woven Square
Navy Czech Glass w Pyrite
Navy with Dragonfly
Onyx, Facet Cut
Orange with Figure Eight
Pearl on SS Hoop
Pearl with Crystals 2
Pewter & Dumortierite
Pewter & Pearl - Cherry Red
Pewter & Pearl - Pale Yellow
Pewter & Pearl - Spring Green
Pewter and Pearl - White
Pewter Flower & Spring Green FWP
Pewter Flower w Lilac Pearl
Pewter Flower w Mango Pearl
Pewter Flower w Pink Pearl
Pewter Flower w Turquoise Pearl
Pewter w Cherry Red Pearl
Pewter w Pale Yellow Pearl
Pewter w Spring Green Pearl
Pewter w Turquoise Pearl
Pewter w White Pearl
Pink Quartz Cubes
Pink Quartz Hearts
Pink Teardrops
Quartz Druzy
Quartz Druzy
Quartz Flower w/Pink FWP
Red Brecciated Jasper
Red Coin Pearl
Red Creek Jasper 2/Pearl #2
Red Creek Jasper Cubes
Red Creek Jasper w Amber #1
Red Creek Jasper w/Amber #2
Red Creek Jasper w/Pearl #1
Red Leather w Heart
Red Snowflake Jasper
Red Suede - NEW! w Pewter Heart
Red, Cobalt, Fuschia, Turquoise or Black with Cuff Clasp
Redwood & Turquoise
Redwood & Turquoise
Rhodochrosite & Rose Gold
Rhodochrosite Ovals & Rose Gold
Rhyolite & Rose Gold
Smokey Topaz w SS Chain
Spring Green FW Pearl on Sterling Chain
Sterling Silver Lentil
Tahitian Mother of Pearl
Teardrops - Iridescent Red
Teardrops - Lilac
Tigers Eye
Triple Strand Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
Turquoise and Copper
Turquoise Freshwater Pearls
Whiskey with Copper Dots